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Ignite Cycles & Strength is the premier boutique fitness studio located in Winnipeg MB.

In our strength studio you’ll train different muscle groups every day of the week combining strength and conditioning for a life and body changing exercise experience. In our indoor cycling studio you’ll clip in, groove to the beat, and party like you never have in a cycling class.

Community is our biggest priority with an emphasis on encouragement, togetherness, support, and team work. You’ll arrive expecting a workout and leave sweaty, accomplished, and with a family that has your back.

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Rhythm Ride

Metric Ride

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Real People. Real Results

At Ignite Cycle & Strength you can expect to sweat, make friendships that will last a lifetime, achieve goals, break down barriers, party, collaborate with like-minded individuals, and find your new home away from home. Ignite is a safe space where everyone is encouraged to be themselves, strive for their goals, support each other, and sweat together as a family. Each program is expertly crafted to fit all fitness levels, all body types, and all levels of ability. The results speak for themselves.




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Monday – Friday: 6am – 8pm

Saturday – Sunday: 8am – 12pm

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