Our studio

Ignite Cycle & Strength is the premier boutique fitness studio located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and the owners behind this phenomenal 5000 square foot first-class fitness studio are Denis and Serena.

We pride ourselves on being a more intimate experience with fewer members and more socially distanced connections. Community is our biggest priority, emphasizing encouragement, togetherness, support, and teamwork. You’ll arrive expecting a workout and leave sweaty and accomplished, knowing your family has your back.

The atmosphere at Ignite is unique. Our space, equipped with state-of-the-art fitness tools, adaptive lighting, which produces a cool, night-club ambiance is where the fitness party comes to life.

Our studio provides options for every pocketbook. Our memberships range in price with options for limited and unlimited use. We have customizable features that meet the needs of a broad range of fitness interests and abilities.

Our strength studio is a one-of-a-kind, fully furnished room with all your favorite fitness equipment. We are the only studio in Winnipeg to house the Versa Climber. Seven high-definition screens strategically placed throughout the studio offer the best member experience. We intentionally train different muscle groups every day of the week combining strength and conditioning for a body-changing exercise experience.
Our indoor cycling studio is your opportunity to clip in, groove to the beat, and party like you never have in a cycling class. Our metric and rhythm rides are physically challenging, memorable, and addictive. One ride is never enough!
Our 30-day challenges are a favorite with Ignite members. We host custom fitness challenges that will inspire you to move, achieve weight-loss (if this is a goal), improve your overall fitness, and have a chance to win great prizes.
It all begins with your FREE class. Every new customer has a chance to try out a cycle and strength class before making the ultimate decision. Before you purchase, getting sweaty with us provides some real-time exercise with some of the best fitness trainers in Winnipeg.
The Ignite app is your ticket to access, so click the Register button above and get ready to sweat, connect, and feel refreshed.


Denis and Serena