cancellation & privacy policies

Cancellation Policy – You must cancel a class a minimum of 6 hours before the class start time or your account will be charged for that class. We want to make sure that our participants can take the classes they want to so please be respectful of this and cancel ahead of time so they can be taken off the waitlist.


Waitlist Policy – If a class is at capacity and you want to register for it, you will be placed on the waitlist. There are 10 available spots on the waitlist. If someone who is already registered for that class cancels their registration you will be taken off the waitlist and given their spot. You will be taken off the waitlist in chronological order of when you were added to the waitlist. The first person on the waitlist will be the first person added to the class upon a cancellation. You will not be charged for being on the waitlist. You will only be charged for the class once you have been taken off the waitlist and added to the class roster.




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