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Strength & Conditioning

The strength and conditioning program at Ignite is unlike any other out there. Our strength studio is large enough to accommodate 50 people and is filled with the best equipment on the market. Each class will be 45-50 minutes of intense, creative, and innovative circuit training expertly programmed to fit all fitness levels. Each station is equipped with a virtual trainer to help keep you on track and organized. Our instructors are loud, wild, crazy, and highly qualified to lead you through the most insane workout of your life.

metric ride

Our metric ride is all about the numbers – speed, power, distance, and crushing your goals. Using the best performance metric tracker on the market you can challenge yourself, challenge your friends, and team up so that you can push the limits on what you thought was possible.

Rhythm Ride

At Ignite Cycle & Strength the rhythm ride is all about the beat. Clip in and groove to the music with 37 of your favourite workout buddies. There will be loud music, tons of energy, dips, pumps, four corners, tap backs, and more. With an adaptive lighting system, state of the art sound system, and the best indoor cycling instructors Winnipeg has to offer you’re in for an unforgettable 45 minute ride.

Reserve your bike online

Arrive 15 minutes before class starts

An instructor will be available to help you with set up

Bring a water bottle

Towels are provided but feel free to bring your own

  • 45-50 minutes of sweat, weights, teamwork, boundary pushing, and good times
  • Circuit style workouts lead by highly qualified trainers and their virtual trainer counterparts
  • New, innovative, creative, and challenging workouts programmed specifically to challenge and increase athletic ability
  • Loud music, crazy trainers, lights, high five’s, top of the line equipment, and a workout like none other
  • Each day of the week focuses on a different set of muscle groups to decrease the chances of injury from overtraining and increase the GAINS

The most important thing you can do for your body is challenge it. If you run through the same workout every time your body will eventually get used to it. Our bodies are survival machines. They have one goal, and that is to complete whatever task is put in front of it using the least amount of energy and the least amount of stress on the body. By letting your body get used to a workout and learn how to complete it in the most efficient way possible it closes the door on so many of the physiological benefits we get from exercise. At Ignite each workout is different from the last, challenges different muscle groups in different ways each day. By using this program you will never give your body a chance to get used to the workout and get lazy. This way you force your body to work against new challenges and adapt.


Maximal force you can apply to any load


Ability to withstand stress for prolonged periods of time OR ability to maintain a specific activity level for a given period of time

  • Ability to move and change direction and position of the body quickly and effectively
  • Requires quick reflexes, coordination, balance, and speed

Ability to exert maximal force in as short of a period of time as possible

Your First Class is on Us

Try your first class at Ignite Cycle & Strength for free. Your first Indoor Cycling Class and Strength and Conditioning class is on us! Try it out before you commit. We promise that you’ll fall in love with our trainers, community, atmosphere, and programming.