Is it just us, or has everyone been spending a lot of time at home lately… ?

We know how tricky it can be to get to the gym in these trying times (and if you manage to leave the cave that is your apartment, know that Ignite will welcome you with open arms because we are still open during the pandemic!), but fear not fellow fitness lover: there are ways you can sweat at home and still be successful.

Here are the top 5 tips for getting fit at home without spending a bajillion dollars on an at-home gym (we can’t all be Dwayne Johnson… A girl can dream, though)

  1. Designate a workout space
    Pick a part of your abode to do your workouts in and make sure that it’s comfortable. If you live in a smaller space, try and clear at least a yoga mat’s worth of space for you to comfortably stretch and sweat in.“Setting up a mini ‘gym’ in the corner of a room or in a designated space is a great way to make sure you get the most out of at-home workouts”.
    – David Wiener, personal trainer at fitness app Freeletics
  2. Don’t give up on your pre-workout and post-workout routine
    One thing that can be frustrating about workout out from home is that you may feel like you’re not in the mood, or easily distracted. That’s why it’s important to continue to follow the fitness routine that you do before and after the gym!Change into your fitness clothing, grab your water bottle, pick out your favourite playlist (this is very important: you’ll see why later), and get your gear ready to go.

    #PROTIP: Grab a spare plastic bin or basket in order to store all of your fitness gear for easy access and clean up. No one likes tripping on resistance bands…

  3. Download a fitness app
    You don’t need to have a personal trainer in your living room to help you sweat: you already have one in your pocket!There are plenty of free fitness apps – with in-app purchases if you want to spend a few extra bucks – online that you can download and delve into. Some of our favourites?

    – Fitness Buddy
    – JEFIT Workout Planner
    – Home Workout – No Equipment
    – Workout for Women: Fitness App
    – Nike Training Club
    – My Fitness Pal

    “Find an app, workout, or community that you love. This will make working out actually fun and you can make virtual connections with fellow users who are also working out to the same program!”
    – Megan Roup, The Sculpt Society Founder

  4. Don’t worry about not having access to fancy gym equipment
    Sure, it can be easy to get whipped into shape at the indoor cycle studio or on the TRX in a boutique fitness gym, but what do you do at home?“A common mistake is to buy equipment before you’ve established a routine and then not use it. Remember, you need to get into the habit of exercising first.”
    – Lyndsey Todd, Personal Trainer

    There are plenty of videos online that showcase intense workouts with little or no equipment. Some of our favourites?

    – Low Impact FULL BODY HIIT Workout (No Equipment + No Jumping) (
    – FIERCE Full Body HIIT Workout // NO REPEATS + No Equipment (
    – FULL BODY CARDIO BURN *no equipment* Fat Burning, Sweaty, REAL-TIME Workout With Me! (
    – The Most Fun 15 Minute Cardio Dance Fitness Workout EVER (
    – 20 MINUTE FULL BODY HOME WORKOUT! No Equipment, No Noise! (

  5. Pick some music that pumps you up
    This may seem simple, but it’s incredibly vital to your at-home workout.When you’re at the gym, cycle studio, yoga, zumba – whatever! – music is such an important part of getting moving and STAYING moving.

    Curate a playlist of your favourite tunes that really pump you up, pick up an inexpensive speaker from Amazon (we like the Anker SoundCore Mini, Super-Portable Bluetooth Speaker with 15-Hour Playtime, put on your favourite workout outfit and start getting to work!

We know that things are weird right now, but we want you to be comfortable if you’re sweating at home or with us at Ignite.

What’s your at-home fitness routine?