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Privacy Policy 

Ignite Cycle & Strength understands the importance of privacy, and we want you to be as comfortable as possible visiting our website and using our services. This privacy policy outlines the types of personal information we receive and collect when you use any of the features offered from time to time on our website, as well as some of the steps we take to safeguard information. Please read this privacy policy before using the site or submitting any personal information. By using the site, you are accepting the practices described in this privacy policy.

Collection of Information 

Ignite Cycle & Strength collects, stores and uses personal information provided by you to provide the highest level of service to you and for no other purposes. Ignite Cycle & Strength is committed to protecting your information from unauthorized distribution or for use by commercial entities other than Ignite Cycle & Strength.

You are required to create an account with Ignite Cycle & Strength which will require you to voluntarily provide personal information. You agree to provide accurate information and may not create duplicate or false accounts for purposes of providing misleading or deceiving customer records to us. 

Ignite Cycle & Strength may collect, store and use personal information such as names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, credit card and bank account information when voluntarily provided by you. Your information is stored securely and only Ignite Cycle & Strength Employees, Contractors, and Agents have access to this information. These Ignite Cycle & Strength representatives are obligated to keep your personal information secure.

Ignite Cycle & Strength may only share your information when required by governmental agencies, law enforcement, or other companies authorized by the former agencies to assist in criminal investigations. We may do so when required by law, protecting against actual or perceived threats of fraudulent activity, or, investigating a fraudulent or criminal activity.


We may use HTTP cookies to help personalize your experience if you allow. Cookies are small files our website stores in your web browser to help better tailor our services to you by remembering useful information and understanding how you use our website. By using our website, you consent to our use of cookies.




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