10 Clothing Brands for Your Next Fitness Class

When exploring the world of fitness, there are so many different options when it comes to activewear. You could go for something more expensive, like Lulu Lemon or Alo, or you could browse through Amazon or Costco for some serious deals on some serious gym attire.

We talked to some of our instructors and gathered intel from the Ignite community to put together our list of the top 10 clothing brands you need in your closet for the perfect boutique studio feel.
Here’s what’cha need (and the reviews that prove you need them!)

1. MPG – https://mpgsport.ca/?
What’s better than a Canadian clothing brand that’s affordable, comfortable, and super
“In a bid to branch out from pricey (activewear) pieces, I’ve recently discovered another
Canadian activewear brand that also offers a huge selection of high-quality activewear
— but with a wallet-friendly price tag.”
– Yahoo Canada
“Perfect leggings – I’m plus size and y’all. Nothing fits like these. Nothing. I’ll buy them
for life”.
– Madonna M.
2. Gymshark – https://ca.gymshark.com/
Gymshark is one of those brands that you see all over Instagram – and for good
reason! This brand combines modern style with gym ingenuity. Right on!
“I totally believe in the Gymshark hype. They are absolutely worth the money!”
– The Relatable Red
“I have been thoroughly impressed by Gymsharks high-quality materials And styles
over the years.
Recently, I had to deal with the customer service team due to an issue with delivery I
had never experienced before. Customs had shipped my package back to them. I
contacted Gymshark and they responded quickly and sent me out my order again. I am
now impressed by the quality of the team and materials! So thank you Gymshark.”
– Taylor S.
3. Winners/Marshalls – https://www.winners.ca/en
Yup. You read that right.
Often times Winners and Marshalls will actually have a ton of well-known brand names
like Nike, Adidas, Fila, Calvin Klein… the list goes on and on!
Both of our trainers Shea and Ryan love to get their workout looks from Winners/
4. Lulu Lemon – https://shop.lululemon.com/
Another Canadian clothing brand! Lulu Lemon has been around forever, and their
recognizable logo makes them a popular site at boutique fitness studios and cross-fit
gyms alike.
The only downside? They’re a wee bit pricy.
“I’m so in love with this brand of clothing! My closet is filled with their clothes!! Their
clothes are so comfortable and they last a long time! But they are also very expensive
but totally worth the price!”
– Catie W.
“Love these workout clothes!!! It’s all that I wear. They can be a bit pricey but they are
so worth the money that you pay for them. The leggings are my favorite.”
– Sydney H.
5. Under Armour – https://www.underarmour.com/en-us/
This is one of those workout brands that is known for its quality and durability. I mean,
if The Rock is a proud endorser of their products, what more validation do you need?
“Best brand for sportswear. Comfy, relaxing, and easygoing yet stylish apparel as well
as shoes. I am fond of their track pants and uppers. Fits are amazing and I always love
shopping from Under Armour 👍 ”
– Kauracious T.
“The quality of under armour is always really good, the selection is great, but
sometimes can be pricey. Having said that, you get what you pay for!”
– Becca R.
6. Amazon (Specifically Queenieke Leggings!) – https://www.amazon.ca/Queenie-
Sometimes the best place to shop for leggings is the same place you shop for fuzzy
steering wheel covers, toasters, and film gear – AKA Amazon!
There are plenty of different brands on Amazon that have incredibly high ratings, but
the Queenieke brand, and more specifically, their leggings, are incredibly popular
amongst workout enthusiasts alike.
“Really great leggings. They fit true to size, I bought the 4-6. I usually sit between a 4-6
with pants and these fit perfectly. I’m 6’1″ and they’re definitely long enough. Awesome
material, too. Reminds me of the old fabric that Lulu Lemon used to make their
leggings with. Definitely getting another couple pairs.”
– Kelsy I.
“I’m a size 16US (1X) and bought an XL and it’s fitting very well. Good quality so far
and the height sits very well on the waist. Great for thicker thighs and behinds. Does
not get the gap at the back, and the band in the seam at the top keeps it from slipping
down. I would not hesitate to purchase again.”
– Amazon Customer
7. Fabletics – https://www.fabletics.ca/my-outfits
Fabletics is a little bit different than other brands mentioned here. While most of
these brands allow you to walk into a storefront or order with a few simple clicks
online, Fabletics takes a different approach to sell their beautiful workout clothing:
“As part of the paid Fabletics VIP membership programme, you will save up to 50% off
regular pricing and earn points towards free loyalty items. The choice to shop is always
yours! Shop or log into your account to ‘Skip the Month’ by the 5th of each month and
you won’t be charged. If you don’t shop or ‘Skip the Month’ by the 5th, your credit card
will be charged £49 on the 6th until you cancel. That charge can be used as a credit to
spend or save.”
Sorry for the wall of text, but we think it’s something you might want to know before
ordering. That being said, Fabletics products are the absolute bomb – and they even
recently came out with new outerwear!
“I love the quality of Fabletics Sportwear and the way it feels and looks on. They have
such a range of collections to choose from so everyone can find something that they
would really like! I would highly recommend it!”
– Egle B.
“I love Fabletics, they’re my favourite activewear brand that I’ve tried so far. The quality
and the fit is so much better than I expected it to be, plus they have an insane amount
of different designs. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to buy fitness wear.”
– Shauna M.
8. Astoria Activewear – https://astoria-activewear.com/
If you’re looking for some activewear that’s bound to turn heads (in the best ways, we
promise!) then we highly suggest taking a peek at the wide selection Astoria
Activewear has to offer.
“Amazing products!!!! I was surprised that even the lighter color leggings didn’t go see-through when bending over etc. – the quality is definitely there. Highly recommend the
max support line! These literally feel even better than Lululemon. I bought more colors
asap after receiving my first pair and just loaded up again during sale.”
– Marie W.
“Not only was this store unbelievably easy to shop on, but every question I had was
answered super fast on Instagram. They have such cozy workout clothes that also
make me feel extremely cute and confident when I’m working out! I have sent so many
people to this website ever since I got my first package! You’ll never be let down by
this brand!”
– Lindsay K.
9. Nike – https://www.nike.com/ca/
Keep it classic with one of the OG fitness brands: Nike.
This particular activewear brand was founded in 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports by Bill
Bowerman, a track-and-field coach at the University of Oregon. The company was
remanded in 1978 to the Nike we know and love, and the brand has been cherished
amongst those who love to sweat ever since.
“Best gym clothing ever. I only wear Nike as I find their quality is one of the best and
my clothing lasts through constant washing without looking worn out.”
– Dovile P.
“Nike is an excellent brand for sporty people who like to wear comfortable and
affordable clothes for working out. I have many products from here and would
recommend to anyone, Nike also has really good quality shoes not just for working out
either fir everyday shoes as well.”
– Kiera G.
10. Prana Vida – https://www.pranavidastyle.com/collections/all
We love a locally-owned Winnipeg brand that’s eco-friendly, pregnancy positive, AND
ready to keep you warm in the winter!
(They also have these super adorable sustainable scrunchies that are perfect for
keeping your hair out of your face during your next cycle class).
“I have so many pairs of these leggings and they are all I wear. I love how they hold up
being worn constantly, and I love that every time I order they fill exactly the same! You
can never stop making these!”
– Meagan C.
“Highly recommend! I now have two pairs of Prana Vida shorts and they are perfect for
high-intensity workouts like biking or lower intensity like yoga. They hug the belly
perfectly, just like the leggings. I agree with some other reviews, they are a little tighter
than the leggings so consider going a size up. Go get yourself some pairs!”
– Nora D.
So that’s our list! There are so many incredible clothing brands out there that are bound
to keep you comfortable during your workouts, and these are just a few of our
Is there a brand that you KNOW we missed on our list? Maybe a particular piece of workout clothing that you could never live without?