It’s tough to feel comfortable at the gym, and it’s even more difficult to know what to wear to your cycle or strength class so you’re not only comfortable but not constantly adjusting your fitness gear even 30 seconds between burpees.

In order to max out the most of your workout, you have to start with your gear – and even more than that, you need to get down to the basics.

… Yes. Those basics.

Whether you’re running laps, popping into the new boutique fitness hot-spot that’s down the street, tossing tires during CrossFit, or going all downward dog in yoga, there are plenty of different panties you can peruse in order to feel under control, well… under there.

Under where?

Under here!

Here are the top 10 best pairs of underwear to check out the next time you go to the gym.

    UA Pure Stretch Hipster

“They feel so light but they are actually very absorbent. And the crotch part is actually wide enough for proper coverage, which I find is becoming less and less common in underwear, and it’s got the extra fabric so a liner can stick on during your period.”

– Monica, Amazon (5-Stars)

“These are the only underwear I will ever need. I am convinced they are the only ones I’ll buy now. It was such a great price and I can literally wear them comfortably with anything. White pants? Not a problem. Tight dress? Not a problem.”

– Yasmine, Amazon (5-Stars)

“It’s the perfect, comfortable alternative to thongs. I have been ordering similar panties from a Japanese brand for years. For years, there was no comparable product on the market until recently. I am happy that now Amazon has a bunch. These UA ones almost have no flaws. They even cost about the same as the Japanese brand, but ordering here with Prime, I didn’t need to pay extra shipping or try to add other stuff to cart to meet the free shipping requirement. The material feels silky and cool, very comfortable to wear.”

– R.L., Amazon (5-Stars)

    Thirdlove Comfort Stretch Thong

“The Holy Grail of seamless thongs! I have purchased many seamless thongs in the past that unfortunately ended up in the trash. These do not roll down like others and have a thicker feel. I’ll be purchasing every color.”

– Alyssa K., Thirdlove (5-Stars)

“I’m super picky about my thongs. I want soft, doesn’t create muffin too, no VPLs washes great, affordable, and cute. Well, these are it! I’m a plus-size gal and these are great!”

– CGL, Thirdlove (5-Stars)

“Want to replace all my undies with these! I hate underwear that gives love handles/bulges under tight clothing, and I’m very happy with the amount of smoothness this thong provides. For reference, I’m 5’7″ 175 lb and big-bootied. XL is perfect since I don’t like any digging in. Definitely recommend buying a few to match your bras!

– Hillary K., Thirdlove (5-Stars)

    BALEAF Padded Cycling Underwear

“Padding where you need it! I don’t know about you but spin class can be a killer on your butt! These padded shorts are a lifesaver. Not that noticeable under workout pants and shorts. Why hurt when you don’t need to!”

– Catherine, Amazon (5-Stars)

“I got these for my spin class as I’ve been getting sore afterward and after doing some research it looks like this is common for women. I actually found these on the large side – the medium was too big even though my measurements fit the medium so I returned them and got the small and they fit much better. These are very comfortable and make spinning a more pleasant experience, but you still need to get your position right on the bike either way! You can see them under your sports leggings, so expect weird looks, but pretty sure people in the cycling world don’t question it! Great and not too warm considering it’s adding a layer. Great value and recommended.”

– Tawny, Amazon (5-Stars)

“Great product. Spinning without them results in tonnes of bum pain, but wearing these, I was completely bum pain-free. It does feel a bit like wearing a nappy but wear a long top for the gym and no one can notice. Really recommend these.”

– Anna, Amazon (5-Stars)

    Girlfriend Black Gazelle Short

“I LOVE the shorts!! the pockets are an amazing feature, and I love the fit. I use them when I run outdoors, and I’ve never had problems with them riding up. I also love that the shorts are high waisted, I can just wear a bra with them and feel comfortable. The fabric is soft to the touch and is made of a quick-dry material. 10/10 recommendation!”

– Natalie S., Girlfriend (5-Stars)

“I’m an avid runner, and I really love these shorts! I have a small waist and bigger booty/thighs, and I found that the high rise and the cut of these shorts is really flattering and comfortable. The lining is more of a bikini cut rather than a brief, so with my bigger booty that can create an unflattering line when I’m moving around a lot. Would love to see a stretchier fit in the lining in the future.”

– Emily R., Girlfriend (5-Stars)

“I thought I had left athletic shorts behind when I discovered GF bike shorts, but I recently bought a pair of Gazelle shorts and fell in love! They’re a great length for a tall gal like me, perfect for workouts, and have pockets that actually fit things.”

– Taylor C., Girlfriend (5-Stars)

    INNERSY Women’ Cotton Underwear

“These are equal quality to some of the more expensive underwear brands at a fraction of the price. Really like the flat seams and comfortable stretchy cotton. Very pleased with my purchase.”

– Karina Smith, Amazon (5-Stars)

“Amazing! I usually go for the la senza thongs with thick bands but they’re just too expensive I can’t justify paying that much anymore. These are incredible and are basically the exact same style as my favourite La Senza thongs!! True to size, SO comfy, great stretch, and super cute! I also purchased the black ones and I’m very very pleased with this purchase. Shipping was also super quick!”

– J., Amazon (5-Stars)

“These underwear are a nice, simple thong style. Great for use during athletic activities! All in all, I would recommend this product if you’re looking for some staple thongs in neutral colours.”
– Emily Gillis, Amazon (5-Stars)

    Balanced Tech Women’s Seamless Thong

“I just received my underwear, and I love them. They are the best fitting underwear, by far, that I have ever purchased—and I’ve tried many different brands of thongs (which is all that I wear). I like the thickness of the waistband, and the material is soft and of good quality, I could wear them to the gym, or under a fitted dress. I’ll be ordering more for sure. My only hitch is that I’m an extra small, and the colours are very limited for this size. I’d like to purchase the nude pack, but they don’t carry my size—and several other colours. But all around, a good buy and super comfy!”

– Gobbledigook, Amazon (5-Stars)

“I’ve worn this brand & style of thongs for 2 years and they remain my favorites for activewear. Overall, it’s a big thumbs up for Balance Tech panties and I will keep buying this brand in the future!”

– SJ773, Amazon (5-Stars)

“They are a higher rise like a few of the reviews said and I like that. I wear my jeans in a higher rise though and I like where these sit on my hips. I purchased these originally for backpacking and now really love them for everyday wear. I will have to buy more soon! I haven’t had any issues with the hems fraying or any damage from the washing. I wash mine on delicate basically in cold water (like the instructions said) but instead of drying them on a low setting I just line dry them with all my other clothes. They’re exactly what I was looking for to have for backpacking trips and going to the gym. I can’t wait to get more.”

– Lauren Renee, Amazon (5-Stars)

    Lively – The All Day Thong

“I have honestly been ruined. I can no longer tolerate other underwear. The all-day underwear material is so so soft yet sturdy. Nothing chafes or squeezes too tight. I’ll pick this thong over another brand’s granny panty any day when making a comfy pick. If you got to wear a thong, let it be this one. You will want to wear it even when you don’t have to.”

– Stephanie C., Lively (5-Stars)

“I exclusively wear thongs – literally 6 out of 7 days a week. I work at a gym and am very conscious of underwear lines but also comfort is super important. I have bought thongs from SO many places: Lululemon, Target, Victoria’s secret, aerie… you name it. Aerie has been my favorite lately but I figured I’d give these a try. HOLY COW. This is by far the best thong I’ve ever bought. So much so that I am already ordering more.”

– Anna M., Lively (5-Stars)

“I recently discovered Lively as the company I had been buying underwear from stopped making them. I own these in several colors and they are so comfortable. You can literally wear them all day. I love them and will likely buy in all the colors when I can get them in my size.”

– Nancy D., Lively (5-Stars)

    Sexy Basics Active Sport Thong

“So comfortable!! I’ve been looking everywhere for high waisted FULL COTTON thongs and I could never find any that were high waisted. These are absolutely perfect to wear underneath my leggings when I workout. I barely felt them on! Cotton undies are a must for me when I go to the gym. super breathable. I’m getting more in different colors!”

– Raissa, Amazon (5-Stars)

“This is the most comfortable thongs I have ever tried! I bought them so I could wear them with my gym leggings and they are just perfect! I’m going to order more for sure!”

– Iridian, Amazon (5-Stars)

“These panties are perfect to wear working out or for everyday wear. I love the fact that they are higher and closer to the navel. Most thongs these days are bikini style which I find to be uncomfortable. Plus the higher rise helps to hold my tummy in, so I wear these with skinny jeans or any item that has a tight fit. There is just enough spandex (5%) that holds you in without being uncomfortable. Plus the fact that they ate 95% cotton is great since that’s another rarity these days. Cotton keeps you cool and comfortable.”

– Amie, Amazon (5-Stars)

    Knix Leakproof Seamless Underwear

“These feel like you have nothing on as so comfy with added bonus of built-in leak protection!!! Definitely recommended!”

– Leora K., Knix (5-Stars)

“These undies are so great! The material is dreamy! Slide so well under clothes and stay in place under skirts. It’s nice because there are no lines in your butt cheeks and the front comes up enough that any zippers from your pants don’t rub on your belly.”

– Sue M., Knix (5-Stars)

“Skeptical, but now a Believer! I tried these for the first time and they worked wonderfully. I was more than impressed, and they are so very comfortable!”

– Jocelyn G., Knix (5-Stars)

    wirarpa Women’s High Waisted Cotton Stretch Underwear

“I purchased these for my workouts and they have to be the most comfortable underwear I have ever worn!! They do not ride up or I roll down so they are perfect for working out in.”

– Tina, Amazon (5-Stars)

“Definitely the most comfortable underwear I have ever worn. It doesn’t feel like it is there, and I love that I don’t need to adjust it during the day; especially, when I am working out with the merciless trainer at the gym, which is why I got this high waist, seamless briefs in the first place. I needed beige or nude colored and black underwear to make me feel less self-conscious about those skintight yoga pants during the squat and bend over exercises. I wanted invisible underwear, and I got it with these.”

– Sylvia, Amazon (5-Stars)

“This brand is extremely comfortable, well-fitting, and one of the only underwear on the market made of cotton. It does not have any elastic anywhere that cuts into the skin like some other brands. The leg openings and waist only feel the softness, not tight elastic. The underwear fit true to size and the grey color is very sporty looking and does not have that embarrassing “panties” color or design. One can wear this to the gym. I will be purchasing more.”

– Caitlyn, Amazon (5-Stars)

What are your favourite knickers to work out in? Do you find that you’re wearing different underwear for running as opposed to yoga or a spin class? Let us know what your favourite brands and styles are in the comments below and we’ll be sure to check them out!