Top 5 Fitness Facts You Might Not Know About Ignite

Ignite has almost been thriving for one year in the beautiful city of Winnipeg: but there may be some things that you don’t know about our studio!

Here are some fun n’ funky fitness factoids about Ignite Cycle & Strength.

  1. Ignite is the only boutique fitness studio in Winnipeg to offer both cycling and strength classes under one roof

    Yup. You heard it here first, folks. There are plenty of cycle studios around Winnipeg like Wheelhouse, Saikel, WPG Cycle Studio, and so much more, but one thing Ignite has that the others don’t is the ability to provide top-tier Strength classes.

    Our Strength and Conditioning classes are 45-50 minutes of sweat, weights, teamwork, boundary-pushing, and good times. Our circuit style workouts are lead by highly qualified trainers, and we constantly have new, innovative, and challenging workouts that are programmed specifically to challenge and increase athletic ability.

    (Talk about a boutique gym with allllllll the bells and whistles, am I right?)

  2. We have a club-like atmosphere with adaptive lighting the totally changes your fitness experience

    Forget about the over-priced drinks and the crowded calamity of a club and step into an environment that makes you want to move to the music and the lighting.

    Our kick-ass club-like atmosphere makes you feel like your jamming out to a DJ on the dance floor, but instead of having a drink in your hand, you have your water bottle as you cool down after a metric cycle class with one of our instructors.

    Ignite’s lights are designed to emphasize our energy at this first-class fitness studio, and whether it’s your first free class or your 100th ride, you’ll always be ready to ride to the rhythm.

  3. We’re the only studio in town to have a VersaClimber

    Do you know that scene in Jurassic Park where they first introduce the dinosaurs on the Island and the music swells and all the characters are looking down in awe at this valley of living fossils?

    Well, that’s kind of how you’ll feel the first time you’ll encounter the VersaClimber.

    Often regarded as the #1 total-body vertical cardio trainer, the VersaClimber is a key tool in our Strength room that is sure to kick your workout to the next level.

    “Recognizing that no equipment had brought climbing indoors-as well as understanding the tremendous value of total-body exercise in comparison to workouts such as running and cycling-Charnitski created the first VersaClimber in his own garage, in 1981. The result was the VersaClimber. Later heart rate monitoring was incorporated into the VersaClimber making it the first commercial exercise machine that used heart rate as a speedometer of exercise”.
    – The Bird of the VersaClimber

  4. Our team of professionals is made up of a doctor, a teacher, a nutritionist, and a variety of fitness competitors

    If you thought the Avengers was a kick-ass team of pros, wait until you meet the Ignite team.

    Our owner, Dr. Serena Nelko, is a general practitioner who often spends time in Swan River working with rural communities.

    Gaston Gaston Lopez Ficher is a riding instructor by night and teacher extraordinaire by day! He teaches elementary school students and speaks fluent Spanish.

    Shea Wolff is a nutritionist on top of being a phenomenal ride instructor – who you can usually catch early in the morning!

  5. Our owner Denis will customize a ringtone for you to get you out of bed in the morning

    Consider this a free little welcoming package from us to you.

    (And before you ask if we’re kidding, just ask some of our members who are at the studio at 5:45 AM every morning).

    What a bargain, eh?